Things to Avoid when You're a Singer

Things to avoid when you're a Singer

If your bread and butter is Singing (or your voice for that matter) then this article is for you.

Here is the scenario... You have a gig tonight, a very important gig (singing engagement), and suddenly you found out that you lost your voice! By now you probably realized that the gig you have been anticipating to "rock-the-stage" is never going to happen. And you ask the question to yourself "What did I do wrong?” So then you will try to recall your activities the day before your world crumbles down (not literally). I'll site some of my maybes' to help you recall shall we? Maybe you had a little too much alcohol last night? Or you were depressed that only the jar of Nuttella is your way of happiness? Tell me if I'm getting warmer... Or maybe you were trying to impress "someone" that when she or he asks you to sing her favorite song, you ended up singing her or his favorite Album...

Don't worry, you're not alone. I have been in your situation and definitely done all the crazy maybes' I just wrote in here (ahemm).

Forget about your gig tonight, I'm sorry to say it won't happen and there is nothing you can do about it. If you can cancel, then well and good, but if you cannot, READ ON so you know what NOT to do to avoid being in this situation again:

ALCOHOL/LIQUOR is definitely not your voices best friend. Alcohol can cause Dehydration to your larynx that leads to irritation. So with this knowledge, have mercy on your voice and drink lots and lots and lots of water. Even while reading this article you can get and grab yourself a glass of water and drink. Just be sure NOT to drink cold water. Imagine your larynx in a deep sleep then suddenly splashed by a bucket of ice cold water. Not good right. Your larynx is a part of your body, and as John Mayer said "You're body is a wonderland". So alcohol and ice cold water is a big NO NO.

NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP is also one of the most unthinkable things to do if you're a singer. Your larynx is just like any part of your muscle in your body, it needs to relax as well, and sleep is the best relaxation of your larynx. the other parts of your body can relax anytime you want them to. Like sitting down or just lying on your bed while talking to someone on the phone. You can relax while talking, and so sleep is the best activity for you voice to have its beauty rest.

TALKING TOO MUCH- You'll probably think "Is she crazy? Not talking? Are you serious?” Yes I'm definitely crazy and serious for this matter. But I'm not implying that you start to MIME when people start to ask you questions. Talking too much strains your voice. I'm just saying don't talk when it's not necessary. Try to save your voice for more important reasons, like events where you need to use most of your vocal power.

FOOD FOR THE BABIES- Candies, Peanuts, Chocolates and most of the stuff that has too much sugar and fatty ingredients in them. This is a disaster if you have a prior singing engagement. These foods can cause excess mucous (eww) secretions (phlegm) that will result in clogging your throat. Always clearing your throat while singing is not cool... Not cool at all..

HOT AND COLD DRINKS- Hot drinks can cause enlargement of vessels from your head to your vocal cords. While Cold ones tend to tighten your vessels leading up to difficulty in singing. I suggest LUKEWARM water, which would be the best drink that you have to take.

So here they are, written and ready for you. All you have to do is to avoid them and you'll be fine for your next performance. If you still have questions, please (don't be scared, I don't bite) feel free to leave your comments. Ta' ta’ for now.


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