The Acoustic Guitar

The articles explains many different types of guitars and it shows some pictures. Useful when trying to buy a guitar.

Parts of the an Acoustic guitar.

An acoustic guitar is a modern variation of the guitars from much older times. Although the term “acoustic” can be used to describe any type of guitar that doesn’t require external amplification, it is generally accepted that the “acoustic guitars” are steel-string guitars. The use of steel strings aid in production of deeper, brighter and louder sound that separates this guitar from classical guitar. In addition to this, the body of a steel-string guitar is much heavily constructed to suit the high tensions of the steel strings. This body is usually composed of a wood that affect the tone of the guitar. Many players believe that the tone of the guitar improves as the wood ages. Recently many guitar makers having been creating many types of guitars that suits different situations such as studio recording, a performance and even regular playing at home. Let’s look at some types of acoustic guitars:

Double “00” or Grand Concert Guitars

Usually characterized by its smaller size Grand Concert guitars are ideal for children or small-framed players. These types of guitars usually have small sound holes which results in lack of volume. Because of this special quality, these guitars are usually called “Parlor guitars” ideal for playing in small spaces. Also Parlor guitars are ideal for a travelling guitarists as its small and light.

Example: Fender GDP 100 Parlor guitar

Triple “OOO” or Grand Auditorium

Very similar to the Grand Concert design, the Grand Auditorium is slightly larger with a bigger sound hole. The resulting guitar has more acoustic volume without sacrificing the comfort and ease of playing a Grand Concert guitar. Also many recent Grand Auditorium guitars are “Acoustic-Electric”. Generally Acoustic-Electric guitars can play like a regular steel string guitar but the volume can be amplified through an external amplifier like an Electric guitar.

Example: Taylor 114 E Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric guitar

Dreadnought Guitars

Originally designed by Martin Guitars, the dreadnought model is arguably the most popular and common type of guitar. The body of these guitars is usually medium sized with a decent amount of volume. Ever since its introduction, it has been remade by almost all guitar constructors…..

Example: Martin D-28

Jumbo Guitars

A much larger variation of Dreadnaught guitar with a bigger sound box. As a result Jumbo guitars are the largest and also the loudest of all types of guitars. Also it is generally accepted to be more difficult to play than other types of guitars.

Example: GIBSON J 200


Hopefully I was able to introduce you to many different types of guitars today. It's important to know the types of guitars made throughout the world especially when your are about to purchase one. Quite obviously there many other types of guitars available and I will continue make more of these articles describing and illustrating these guitars.

Sasrika de Silva



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