How to Improve Your Singing Voice

Improve your Singing Voice

I have been singing since I was 3 years old (no kidding). And this proves that some people are born to have this talent, and some have to work harder to have their singing voices. I never had a singing coach, but fortunately, every singing contest I joined in seems to find my voice better than my co-contestants.

Now, you must be asking why I’m writing this article. Well, because I believe that anyone who has the driven passion to sing can truly accomplish what some people think un-attainable. And that is to have a singing voice that woes and ahhhs your audiences.

Here are the list of my routinely exercise that may also work on you. You don’t need to be a Professional singer to do these exercises:

If you’re ready, then let’s start:

1. First, I would like you to choose a song that best suits your voice. Meaning, when you sing it, makes sure that your jugular veins won’t show at the side of your neck. Nor your eyes pop out for that matter. I want you to choose something light and simple to practice on.

2. Now I want you to play and listen to your song, and feel the melody and rhythm of the song. The purpose of this exercise is for you to familiarize yourself with the ups and downs of the music. Repeat this part 2 to 3 times.

3. Do you still remember your vowel sounds? You’re a, e, i, o, u… Well, here is what I do before to make sure that I pronounce the vowels of my song piece perfectly; I actually vocalize using the vowels.

- Start with a---> aaaaaaaahhhhh … do this until you run out of breath. And make sure to open your mouth wide, put your four fingers inside your mouth to be sure. I know this sounds silly but if you do this exercise I promise you, that you will be more understood while singing your song.

- And now I want you to do the rest of the vowel sounds.

4. Breathing exercise:

- I want you to inhale deeply then PURSE your lip. Now, I need you to breathe out with your pursed lip slowly. This exercise will let you take control of your breathing while singing. REMEMBER, that in singing, the way you control your breathing is great deal in terms of prolonging the verses in your song. You can’t inhale and exhale in every word of your song. That destroys the emotion that you want your audiences to feel with you.

- Let’s go back to the Pursed lip. I need you to put your hand in front of your mouth, so you can feel the air that goes out. CONTROL is the key. At first you will feel light headed but in the long run, if you do this exercise often, it will just come out naturally.

- IMPORTANT thing to remember also is your way of breathing. Have you ever noticed some singers when they reach a high note, they tend to touch their stomach? Well this is because they’re trying to remind themselves to get their air directly from their diaphragms (this is the muscle diaphragm, not the other diaphragm that… you know what I mean}… I need you to inhale, but this time I need you to put your hands on your side, like you’re about to argue with someone. Now when you inhale I need you to feel that your sides are the one that expands, NOT your stomach… This is a technique to make sure that your diaphragm is the one that’s doing the work not your stomach. When you use your stomach you will tend to run out of breath, and you can’t hold your notes a little bit longer than you should be.

5. Singing Part:

- Play your music again, and this time HUMM with the music. Try to prolong the verses using the diaphragm technique. Do this 2 to 3 times…

When you sing your song, close your eyes and imagine singing it to someone special. Let your emotions flow. If ever you think you can’t do it, remind yourself why you want to sing badly. Maybe it’s your destiny to sing, so don’t give up. Believe in yourself.

And now you’re ready… Let’s sing…


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