Debbie Gibson

One of my favorite songs of all time is, "Lost in Your Eyes" by 1980's pop-sensation, Debbie Gibson. This tune was written by the then teenage pop star. The song was a part of Debbie Gibson's 1989 album creatively titled, "Electric Youth." The musical composition is played and composed on the piano. The ballad was beautifully sung and performed. It has a timeless classic feel to it, that makes it feel fresh and vintage at the same time. The lyrics portray such a nod to innocent, young love which adds to its wonder-filled appeal. All of Debbie Gibson's music is wonderful, but this song is my top-favorite. Another amazing gem by Ms. Gibson is the song called, "Foolish Beat." This song made the pop singer a star, and one of the first teen stars ever to grace the pop scene. When Debbie Gibson first arrived there was no other teen girl pop star for her to look up to or copy. Tiffany had not even arrived yet. "Foolish Beat" helped Debbie, who preferred to be called Deborah at the time, a number-one hit. This song was the reason she became the youngest person ever to write, perform, and produce a number-one hit song. Debbie has said that even though the song is very special place in her heart, and the record books, that she had a very severe cold when recording the song. This song is not about the sunny aspects of young love but letting it go, feeling deeply sorry, and wanting it back. Decisions made hastily cannot be undone, and sometimes we are just left with the empty regret and want. She is broken-hearted, and it is all her fault. "Foolish Beat" features a heavy drum beat and sax solos to add to the tragedy of the love gone wrong love-affair. Debbie Ann Gibson's music is seen simply as bubble-gum pop gone by, but to me it has been a comfort and a truth to me. She is a great artist and song-writer whose songs and albums stand the test of time. These two songs or ballads stand out to me as her strongest work. One is sweet and melodic, while the other is dramatic as in lyrical content and music. Her teenage self is strongly evident, but that is what makes it wonderfully appealing. Teens today can often takes themselves often too seriously in nature, and Debbie Gibson was and still is, like a breath of fresh air.

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Posted on Jul 22, 2013