Advice for the New Guitar Player: Finish the Song

They will gain confidence, and learn to play easier!

For the new string players, let's get something out first, I am not a professional, nor do I claim to be.  I do my thing here and there, and still trying to over come certain struggles within me haha!

My first two years was a struggle with learning how to play.  One, I didn't know anyone that played, and two,  why pay for lessons when I have access to the internet.  I am sure you guys are in the same boat.   So Learn as much as you can from the internet, learn chords, barr chords, and learner a little bit of the mechanics on guitar always helps.  Don't get nuts on the books if you don't have too!  I say make it easy on yourselves.

Here is my advice to making it easier, and more rewarding in the long run;  learn five chords, then find songs that are 3 to 5 chords, and play along with it.  If you are just starting, then count 1 to 4 as you strum, and make sure to "always count out loud".  This will help you sing along quicker!

Now here is the hard part that most guitarist at the beginning stages do, they quit playing!  They learn one verse, chorus, and they quit.  They move on to the next song.  Bad, bad Idea.  You need to finish the song.  From start to finish, just strum it.  No need to get into leads and riffs, just strum it all the way to finish.  This will help you in the long run.  Don't get bored with it.  Get your mind set to "I am not done, until I can do the whole song".  And yes, It will get boring, however, find your "own style" as your playing through the whole song.  Maybe change the beat a little, or mess around with the vocals.  So many things to learn in one song, that you can apply quicker on all the other songs.  Learn and practice as much as you can with the first one, until the people around you hear you play a song all the way to the end.

My last advice;  "you gotta find passion in the song"

I don't care whose song it is, read it, and sing the song like you are telling a story.  The passion must come from within.  The lady players should grasp this easier than us men haha!  Truly guys, we must find that passion, and let it out as you play the guitar.  When you feel it once, you will want more of it!  it is such a peaceful feeling, and "it doesn't have to be perfect" believe me.

Read the story of  the song, and just sing it back like it's your experiences.  It will make you a better singer as well.  You will gain confidence, and then you can search for some vocal techniques.

Remember to make it fun! Don't get to complicated into it.  Everyone will play differently, different feelings of the song, that's why doing cover songs that people know is more fun, because they will sing along with you, and forget how poor our singing is hehe!!

Good luck all!


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